WEEK TWENTY-ONE: The GREAT MKMMA Adventure – Transubstantiation


eucharistFor the Western faithful in Christ, Transubstantiation [in Latin, transubstantiation, In Greek, μετουσίωσις, metousiosis] is that point in the Holy Eucharist wherein the bread and wine used in the sacrament of the Eucharist become the body and blood of Christ. This is not a symbolic change, but also a change in reality. It IS the body and blood of Christ even if the outward appearances remain unchanged.

This is one of the great mysteries of faith, surpassing human understanding. The Orthodox Churches beautifully express this as a Divine Mystery.

For the past two weeks, we have been asked to ponder this very thing.  How can Fear, Anger, Unworthiness, Guilt, and Hurt Feelings become tools? How can something ‘common’ become sacred?  How can that which pins us to the mat of destructive habits, become a tool for ascension, catapulting us forward, transfiguring our self-imposed baseness into the image, likeness, and nature of the magnificent beings God foresaw when we were still being knit together in the womb? It has been a fortnight of JacobJacob Wrestling with the Angel, Eugene Delacroix c. 1861 wrestling with the Angel, to be sure!

And wrestling with BIG questions imbues a treasure-trove of wisdom for those who choose to join the fray! This IS the Hero’s Journey!! We do not want to destroy these dragons. We want to love them, to integrate them into our very beings so that the treasure they guard becomes our own.

This is the treasure my dragons gave to me. Acceptance of self and others shows me where I am on the map so I can proceed to where I want to go.

Fear gives the gift of courage and triumph, and the joy of overcoming.

Anger gives the gift of compassion and understanding, and the ability to be of service.

Unworthiness holds within it the gift of the power to see clearly, to consciously choose to step back into my God-given perfection and magnificence.

Guilt gifts me with honesty, owning my actions and thoughts, and then moves me into courage to make it right.

Hurt Feelings bestow upon me insight, perspective, and then laughter!  Do I really think I am the target of malice? I get to change my story about ‘it’ and restore harmony and love to my life.

mount_doomAll of these grant the opportunity to consciously choose the direction of my life, to choose disharmony or maxfield_parrish01harmony, to live the Hero’s Journey or to die, to see clearly or to rub Vaseline on my sun glasses, to live in the miracle of creation powered by Love, or to cut myself off from God, wither, and die. It is truly a musical dance of the spheres. I must go through the disharmony, embrace it, accept it, and then move to the exquisite harmonic resolution wherein harmony is restored.

I either open the spicket of Love in me and as me, freeing it to powerfully flow through me, or I turn the spicket off, stopping the flow.


It’s up to me to choose transubstantiation.

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7 thoughts on “WEEK TWENTY-ONE: The GREAT MKMMA Adventure – Transubstantiation

  1. BB123

    As with Persistent Practice we grapple with these tools in our tool box, learning to exchange the negative and promote its polarity, rising to the harmonious perfection that they can bestow…get rid of the vaseline and open the spicket!! Thank you for sharing Valeska.

  2. Mark Laytin

    Valeska,,,a masterpiece of a blog post! Not only did you open yourself up to others, but you have a writing style that can only be summed up as exquisite. Thank you!

  3. heatherplude

    Some days I have Vaseline all over my glasses… sometimes I see more clearly. When you said “Hurt Feelings bestow upon me insight, perspective, and then laughter! Do I really think I am the target of malice? I get to change my story about ‘it’ and restore harmony and love to my life.”

    I totally relate. I get to change my story and restore harmony. Thank you for that gift. We are all extensions of the universe and that was the message I needed to hear.

    I especially like the artwork to the right of “Fear gives the gift of courage and triumph, and the joy of overcoming.” And I will find a way to “Pin” it to Pinterest.

  4. David Sigler

    Valeska, well written as usual. Thought provoking, I can only imagine what my brain is doing to my body as I read what you have so eloquently written. No pressure but you never miss with your post!

  5. MKMMAPeggyP (@MKMMAPeggyP)

    This was awesome and captivating! Your writing and way of explaining is superb. Fantastic words and how themes tie in and flow, just great! Thank you for sharing. I really like the part about the dragons. Really everything was amazing.

  6. Luther Witt

    If you are regularly treated to the feast of God’s work and the zeal that consumed our Savior in the service of our redemption, the exhortations will no longer be an reasonable burden but a guide to expressions of Thanksgiving in which our gracious God delights.
    excellent work Val I enjoyed it immensely


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