Week Twenty-Two A: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Footnotes in Eternity


in-the-stillness-of-the-mind-saw-myself-sri-nisargadatta-maharajThe cacophony of monkey-mindedness ceased.  The rhythm of sleeping, waking, praying, meditating, food preparation, caring for the fuzzies , all to the accompaniment of stillness and silence, worked its way deeply into my soul. 

Stillness:  The Priceless Gift of five days preceded with a day wherein I only had to engage the world once, and followed by two more days of relative silence.  I rediscovered that Stillness is a requirement for my mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.  At its close, I was filled with gratitude for that time apart, and rested my head on my pillow with happy thoughts of re-engaging the world. Upon awakening, immediately began The Hero’s Second Journey….and that path had many obstacles and adversaries who would not have me return.

My world transformed from round to flat.  Everything was FLAT, Meaningless, Empty.

In The Hero with A Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell tells us that many heroes refuse the return to the tribe. Frodo never wasElvesattheGreyHavens able to integrate back into The Shire. Four years after his Great Adventure began, he, together with his Guides, Bilbo and Gandalf, having been granted special dispensation to join the last ship of the Elves, bade farewell to his friends, boarded that vessel and sailed into the West.

Thus began my own edition of Conversations with God. 

Chapter One:  “Thanks, God…….We had over a week to sort these out, and You waited until NOW to change up everything?”

OOOPS!!!!  Use the tools. Turn that anger into focused energy. When you choose leadership, you take on the mantle of Mentor and Guide to others traversing their own Hero’s Journey.  Their paths and your path intertwine, intersect, and connect, as well as diverge.  

Chapter Two: “God, If I had passage on that last ship into the West, I, too, would board her.” 


OOOPS!!!  Use the tools.  Scroll Six:  I am the master of my emotions.   Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts.  Today, I master my moods through positive action.

Chapter Three:  “OK, God. Your Word tells us that you give us the desires of our hearts. That means that You place those desires in our hearts, and then, if we choose to use them, You open the way for their fulfillment.  You imbued me with a heart for leadership and legacy. Right now, they are like unto the One Ring bourn by the Ring Bearer.  [The Ring, being inherently evil, destroyed all who touched it, even Frodo. In and of his own strength, he could not release that great power which had slowly consumed his soul.]  Is THAT my path?”

OOOPS!!  Use the tools. The Law of Dual Thought.  I can attach any feeling to a thought. Pick a different emotion.

Chapter Four: “Ok, Lord. I choose Happiness! Where next? …….. What?  ……. Go Where?…… Do What?” 


Chapter Five: “Got it!  Thanks!”

My heart is a footnote in eternity.

That footnote is the seat of God in me, as me, and through me.

Peace be the Journey.  Let’s go Dance in the Rain!


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5 thoughts on “Week Twenty-Two A: The Great MKMMA Adventure – Footnotes in Eternity

  1. BB123

    I would say Valeska it is the peace that passes all understanding…because it goes beyond the circumstances, beyond the noise, and through the trouble and through the hard work…it is BEING still in the midst. Your thoughts beautifully written and insightful. Thank you Valeska.


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